It's time to get some real photos together!

Some tasty pictures to fill your walls with lurvvvv.

Feeling like a little art change on your walls?
Let's head out and get some absolute bangers to print out and frame and nail to your walls, because who doesnt want to see themselves on the wall everyday?

A little adventure session will be great to either prep you for the wedding day and get familiar with me creeping around you or if youre not engaged is just a great way to get some insane pics of the two of you together, because let's be honest you probably dont have enough good piccies of you together that aren't taken on ya best friends phone hey?

We had an amazing time with Luke, it was really free flowing and comfortable. Luke made us feel really comfortable and gave us a good laugh along the way. The photos turned out incredible and we couldn't have been happier"

eliza and rowan

why bother?


When was the last time you had a good photo that wasn't an iphone selfie? A photo that made you think "oh damn look how good we look, how cool?"

Often referred to as an 'engagement' shoot - because you'll usually get it right after the ring is on your finger - you can honestly call it whatever you want. An dventure session, a couples session a family shoot... the list goes on and on.

But whatever you want to call it, they are great for a few reasons! If you are engaged they are a great way to get ready for your wedding day and get use to a camera being around you and to figure out how it will feel on the day. But, engaged or not, they are a great way to get some amazing photos together and to get some good memories in the book and have a super fun time doing so!

My fiancé, and I had our engagement shoot recently with Luke and absolutely loved it!

I felt very blessed that he was able to travel to do it in a place that is so special to us! It made the photos even more perfect for us.

Luke made us feel so comfortable on the day, it wasn’t staged at all, which is exactly what we wanted. The time absolutely flew and I was so shocked with the amount of photos we received as it felt like we took barely any. I think that’s what made it so incredible, it was just so natural and easy!

alyssa and nathan

wall hangers inbound

Let's pick a spot that either looks badass or means something to you guys - eg. my wife and I love the Blue Mountains, so we would go there 100%

Wear whatever you're comfortable in, nothing with weird huge logos on them or colours that dont blend well with where we are heading... like wearing purple/crimson in a foresty area always stands out just a bit too much? But if thats you go for it!

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We will trot around for 45-60 minutes or so, or hit a few locations to shoot too and just walk, talk and shoot. Maybe a little coffee or beer during the shoot too?

I'll send you over the gallery link within a few days/weeks and you will have full access to everything to do with them as you please - hit me up if you want print suggestions!

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"We had such a wonderful afternoon with Luke! My Fiancé (also a Luke) and I, are not terribly used to being photographed but Luke made us both feel relaxed and at ease instantly. He worked around our awkwardness with cameras with patience and helpful tips, to the point we forgot they were there and just enjoyed talking and laughing and taking in the scenery. We were blown away by the results. Luke is so bloody good at what he does and really captured all the beautiful moments we didn’t even know we wanted. But are so glad we have to keep now.

Thank you Luke! For making this old punk & old emo feel pretty darn cool, you’re the best!

ruby and luke

how much does it cost me luke?


For 750 big ones you get an awesome afternoon running around with your lover and getting some amazing photos that you can keep with you for a lifetime (cringe?).
Full payment is required to book in and we can organise the exact location based on what you guys love best or I can dish out some awesome favourites of mine (The Blue Mountains baby)
I'm keen as hell to get you in front of my camera, so slide into my emails below!