A weirdo with a camera

In a world full of other humans taking awesome photos I'm just another weirdo with a camera, but am I the right weirdo for you? It's probably pretty important to you, so hopefully I can help make that decision a little easier!

If you're after someone to steam dry your dress before each and every photo... I'm not your guy... sorry!
But if you want to look absolutely spicy in your wedding photos and have a killer time doing so whilst avoiding all of the standard cringe stuff that we've all seen from time to time at your cousins wedding... I might just be your weirdo!

A big fan of making sure that youre having fun with your new partner in crime and a few +1's you've dragged along for the party, the experience here is always fun first - stress never. 

If you like the look of the galleries on my website and think you could glue yourself into some of them, let's grab a drink and chat!

i'm luke

I'm an oddball.
It's either long hair, bleached hair or a shaved head.
I'm a punk metal loving human who likes to tattoo myself when I'm not jumping on the trampoline with my small humans 
or yelling at other people on call of duty.
I'm either watching The Office or trying not to fall off my little cafe racer doing barely the speed limit.
Super weird, always quoting a meme, or talking in an awkward voice.
Always questioning how to greet people... do we go for a hug, a little peck on the cheek? Do we shake hands or do we just stand metres apart from each other and wave and both wonder what the other is thinking of the other person?

Just generally a weird person

a little about me

A big lover of any adventure, near or far. Anything with the small humans of mine. 
A little bit of a ride on the moto and an ice cold canadian club - not at the same time though...
Have always been a fan of heavy music, a little filthy screech in a song never hurt anybody.
I'd take sitting on the couch watching The Office over an over again before most other things.
I own very few coloured pieces of clothing, its black shirt black pants all day baby.
I love community, a bunch of people coming together to celebrate one another and help build each other up.
I'm an absolute fiend for a taste of the delicious nectar that is Mountain Dew Baja Blast, even though you cant get it in australia *insert hurt feels*.
Also a simp for a comfy pair of slides!

Few things I like


I really fell into weddings accidentally, shot a few photos for some friends and a few years later here I am, being weird for a full time gig... sort of.

I’m super passionate about story telling and how a story can make you feel so many different emotions all within a short period of time. This is, I feel, my purpose when shooting weddings - To tell the story of your wedding day in a way that does justice to what actually happened, how it looked but more importantly how it felt to you!

Weddings make me giddy


As a naturally weird, awkward guy - being the centre of attention is not my goal nor is it my idea of fun, but I'm also not a fly on the wall.
I'll be there for all the moments, big and small. All the things you might forget about, I'll be stalking.
I like to keep my approach very, very natural. Lots of 'candid' moments and lots of walking and talking to get some photos with the two of you later on.
Always aiming to get people in their natural element and not feeling uncomfortable with a camera pointed in their face unless I'm telling your uncle to take his damn sunnies off for a nice family photo.

Subtle Creepin'

how I work

Get dressed a bit fancy
Do some lovey dovey things
Get some pretty pictures
Party hard